F.A.T. Episode 17 – Alex Lindstrom

Podcast Setup

On this episode of the Food About Town podcast I sat down with my brother Alex Lindstrom did a test of both my new podcast studio setup and the Skype connection. Take a look at the picture I above to see what it looks like! I’m really excited to have it set up and expect to be more frequent with the episodes in the near future.

This was a bit of a random conversation that did touch on food for parts of it, but don’t expect something along the lines of the interviews I’ve done in the past. We did touch on some of our love of radio/podcasts and the how we got there, some of his food preferences and a little bit about gardening toward the end.

Hope you all enjoy the diversion from the norm and don’t be surprised if I err away from the straight interviews more often now that I have a permanent setup in my house to do podcasts on.

Make sure to check out his two podcasts at SPPN.mediaThe Alex and Carolyn Show for more diverse conversations or SPPN Sports for a look at Buffalo and National Sports talk.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy!

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