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Cinco de Mayo Pizza Party

Every year curling season is long. Just over 6 months of playing over three times a week makes for a grueling experience and, even after a championship winning season at the club, the prospect of warmer weather and a summer full of free time is the best thing I can think of....


Itacate – Penfield

Having visited the gas station location in Gates a few times and after seeing some potential, we were excited to try a full sit down experience out in Penfield and see if having a full kitchen would take their food to the next level. I am pleased to say that...


Bake It or Cleave It

Macarons have been one of the trendy foods in the patisserie world the last few years and Rochester has been late to pick up on it until recently. Even now, there are few places that traffic in these dynamic confections and, in my opinion, we need more of them in...