Author: Chris Lindstrom


Joe Bean Coffee Renovation

For those that haven’t been to the Joe Bean Coffee since their re-opening following their countertop renovation, I took a few pictures during their celebration in early July that I’d like to share. I got inspired to post about this after reading Mike Turiano’s blog posts about the construction of both...


Market Spotlight – Flour City Bread Co Pizza

When we were at the Brighton Farmer’s Market a couple weekends ago, we noticed a large wood fired oven trailer near the food vendor section and stopped over to see what the deal was. Turns out that it was a portable extension off of my favorite bread and pastry purveyor, Flour...

Vacation! 0


On vacation in the Adirondacks for the second half of this week and the weekend. See everyone back here next week with another market spotlight, podcast with Moonlight Creamery and a new restaurant review. Have a great weekend everyone!


Market Spotlight – Tan Childs

I’m a regular at both the Rochester Public Market on Saturday mornings and the Brighton Market on Sunday mornings and I’m trying to spend more time at other markets around town as well. There are an absolute ton of interesting places at the various markets that don’t get publicized enough...


F.A.T. Episode 5 – Voula’s Greek Sweets

Episode 5 of the Food About Town podcast features my chat with Voula Stratton from Voula’s Greek Sweets on Monroe Ave. This is my favorite podcast so far and I really enjoyed spending some time talking at the restaurant about her history with food, the balance between work and personal...


New Opening – Fuego Coffee

After our routine visit to the Public Market last Saturday morning, we changed things up and headed off to the new coffee roaster on the block instead of our normal Joe Bean hangout. I had heard about Fuego Coffee from owner Tony Colon’s victory in the most recent Latte Art...


Speed Round – Young’s Korean

Even considering the almost obscure location of Sodam Korean restaurant near Lori’s Natural Foods, Young’s Korean is even more out of the way over on Mushroom Blvd basically behind the Christmas Tree Shops in a non-descript office park. Unless you are looking for it, there is basically no way you...


F.A.T. Episode 4 – Marty’s Meats Interview

Episode 4 of the Food About Town podcast! Sorry about the delay but I had some scheduling issues and I’ll be trying to post more regularly in the future. I talked with the Marty’s Meats crew out at SEA Restaurant so there will be a little more background noise than...


Atlas Eats

During a fine evening out for some trivia at ROC Brewing, Paul Vroman from Brick N Motor told me about a restaurant that was just about to open in Irondequoit he promised would be making not only high level baked goods but also serving prix fixe menu dinners to a...


Adirondack Trip – 4th of July Weekend

We took our first Adirondack camping trip of the year over the 4th of July weekend and tried to make the best of it while dodging raindrops and a million mosquitoes. We were semi successful in staying comfortable with crazy humidity and no pillows, but explored some new places to...