City Newspaper – Breakfast Sandwich Round Up

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8 Responses

  1. Drew Saur says:

    It’s quite surprising that the McRick and the Hammy from Food At Fisher’s Station were left off of this list. National food bloggers consider these some of the best breakfast sandwiches in existence, because the buns are homemade and the balance of butter to perfect egg to meat is pretty much awesome. Make us proud and include them in a followup!

  2. David says:

    Yes, but you forgot the best breakfast sandwich from a food truck… Or should I say your Sunday morning breakfast… Lettuce B. Frank’s “One Eyed Jill” The Carrot Slider with a local fried egg & cheese!!

    I’ll have a few ready for you on Sunday. -D

  3. Marissa says:

    Nice to hear you’re published.

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